MBP 2.4 low framerate

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I'm having some fancy problems going on with my new macbook pro. I don't know exactly if I'm missing something or what. I've downloaded the demo of Doom 3 for my brand new MBP 2.4 ghz and started it. With all settings set to maximum except the Anti Aliasing set to zero and no V-Sync I have a very low frame rate, the graphic is not fluid at all even if I've checked the benchmarks and it should run at 80fps or so. What am I missing?

Even Halo is having problems at medium settings.

I'm using the discreet chip not the integrated and still isn't acceptable. Althrough CINEMA 4D doesn't seem to have any problem but i've used it only for a few tests.

Any ideas?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,208moderator
    Do you have the Intel versions of those games?
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    yamayama Posts: 427member
    If they're both demos then it's the PPC versions.

    If you want some FPS demos which have native intel versions, then check out either Call Of Duty 2, Prey or Quake 4:




    They should all run rather nicely on a MacBook Pro.
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    Downloaded the Prey Demo and works nice (except it doesn't go widescreen but never mind).

    Many, many thanks again guys, you were right. Again this shows up that AI is one of the best mac communities online. I bought this MBP instead of an iMac following your suggestions and I'm in love with it, and works great for my job.

    Thanks again.
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    yamayama Posts: 427member
    You can get Prey to display in widescreen by messing around with the .cfg file:

    ~/Library/Application Support/Prey Demo/base/preyconfig.cfg

    and add/change

    seta r_customHeight "1050" (or height you want)

    seta r_customWidth "1680" (or width you want)

    seta r_mode "-1"

    Same goes for Quake 4 as well.
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