iPod nano 4G silicon case Review

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Hi everybody. I'm the web admin of Todo Apple Blog, in my first post I will start talking you about the new iPod nano silicon case that I have got from BudgetGadgets.com. Meka, one of the site's admin provided me one to test it personally.

BudgetGadgets.com is a buying gadgets site which has very competitive prices, so I recomend you to visit this site.

This silicon case costs $9, when the common in a case of this kind is $15-$20. This one has exactly the same quality and it fits perfectly with the iPod. Everything the same as expensive cases.

The case has a translucent color, and I feel very comfortable with it, but the case gets dirty with the pocket's fluzz, which is unavoidable on evey silicon case.

On the contrary, rigid cases chip and scratch themselves very easily, and they get whitish over time. Well, this doesn't happen with the silicon cases, which absorb much better the knocks and are more resistant than the rigid ones. So, definitely I prefer silicon cases, for sure.

This silicon cover has on its side some reinforcements that lets you to hold very well on your hands. Now I can say that the iPod is less pretty, but it gets 100% protected and is much more comfortable.

At least, I would say that if you want a 5% on your shoppings through www.budgetgadgets.com, you can enter this code: DM5OFF1


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    Thanks for the review! I've been looking for a case for my new iPod nano, and this seems nice. Also, I was thinking about reviewing products for budgetgadgets.com, and I was wondering how your experience with them has been.
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