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How do you name your HD (or partitions) on the desktop ?

I intend to name my HD's paritions like this :




Amon-Ra (my favorite egyptian God)




Or maybe like this :

Andromede (Andromeda, in English)




Voie-Lactee (Milky way)


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    kalikali Posts: 634member
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    thegeldingthegelding Posts: 3,230member
    i don't partition....hd use to be "buddah", now it is "freakin' HD"
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    I don't use partitions, but my drives are named thus:

    Main: Overdrive

    Primary Firewire: Overfire

    Secondary Firewire: Overarchive

    The various drives that get swapped in and out of a Firewire enclosure have more down-to-earth names, such as Pre-Jaguar Backup, Pre-9.2.2 Backup, Monthly Backup, and so on.

    And my computer is named Overcube...
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    I have one partition and i call it Moon Kingdom because I like the Sailor Moon anime alot.
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    rhoqrhoq Posts: 190member
    It's real simple, I named it after my company...

    "Rhoq Solid Ent"
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    pbg4 dudepbg4 dude Posts: 1,611member
    Mine is called "My Kick Ass PBG4" because it was my first mac and it totally kicks ass (rev. A 500).
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    "Hard disk"
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