Typing text in Firefox is painfully slow

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Everything else seems to be running at a normal speed - web pages loads, apps starting and quitting. But typing anything - this post, emails, etc - in Firefox has become painfully slow. I'm running Firefox Any thoughts?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,548moderator
    Flash ads seem to slow down typing a lot. Try using Safari and just turn off plugins on forums where you type. You get Flash blockers for Firefox too. My CPU with it off is under 5%. With it on, it's usually 20% or more. Some really obnoxious ads just keep sucking the CPU. You can try right-clicking and putting the quality of the ad down to low but on the next cycle, it puts it back up and Flash will also ignore when you turn off the play button on a Flash ad. That is really not acceptable so off it goes.

    It's a pain to turn it on for youtube or whatever but you get used to it. You just turn the plugins pref back on and hit reload.
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