OS X would be great for G5

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
OS X would be great for the G5. Now I don't mean because it's faster, or that the 64-bit version of OS X will fly (which it will). I'm talking about one cool thing in OS X that will make the G5 transition nice and smooth for developers and users.

In the PPC transition days there were those FAT applications that could contain PPC and 68k code so that they could run on 68k machines and then run optimized on PowerPC Macs. Well this feature can also exist in OS X, but in a different way.

I remember reading that the .app "bundle" or "package" feature of OS X would allow one application to actually contain executables for multiple platforms that still use the same resources within the package. So one app can be distributed that contains code for PPC and x86 versions of OS X (which of course we won't see) but also 32 and 64 bit PPC processors. I really hope that developers take advantage of this so that they can quickly ship G5 apps in the same box as the regular versions, and actually within the same packages.

Does anyone know more about this feature? I'm posting this in future hardware since it deals with the G5 and a future feature of OS X, since the OS X forum seems to be more concentrated on the current OS.
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