New Mac Pro Ram Overclocking Questions???

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
So I just purchased a new Mac Pro. It comes stock with 2GB of DDR2 800MHz ram.

My roommate has the older Mac Pro and recently upgraded his ram, and gifted me 2, 1 GB sticks of 667MHz DDR2 ram.

Now my first question is?...If i put the older 667 ram in my new mac, will the faster ram still run faster? and the additional 2GBs run 2GB running at 800MHz and 2GBs running at 667MHz? Will that happen? or will the faster ram run slower?

And my second question is...Can I overclock the 667MHz ram to run at 800MHz??? and How?

Thanks so much.


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    short answer - no.

    you need to buy the ram the system ships with. if it runs at all, it will run at the slower speed, no faster.
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