Free or cheap video editing software for Mac

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I am using a Mini Dv camcorder and am trying to take some video and put in on my Macbook. I am looking for an application that would recognize the format of the Mini Dv and make it possible to create some movies/videos. any suggestions on some free or cheap applications?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,436moderator
    Cheap/free editing apps are hard to come by. I wouldn't recommend imovie for much beyond basic editing as it's quite limited - this is not a fault as it's designed for the basics. Final Cut Express for what you get is pretty good value for money:

    If you have imovie '08, there is a way to downgrade to imovie '07 if you find it's not good enough.
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    Agreed... for the price ... (still $79 usd ?) iMovie is a great app... and if you want more controll... version 7 was actually better than v8.

    If you have a MacBook though... they all ship with iLife (including iMovie) pre-installed... you shouldn't have to pay for anything!!
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