[ANN] First Mac OS X Release of Phoenix Project Manager

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Phoenix Project Manager is a project scheduling suite designed for Project Management Professionals that supports all standard Critical Path Method scheduling algorithms, and provides both Gantt chart and Network Diagram views of schedules. It features a highly flexible activity filtering system, multi-level budget accounts, comparisons against past project snapshots, highly configurable work calendars, a full suite of reports, and import/export with Primavera 3.1, MPX, Microsoft Project XML, and CSV formats.

We're proud to announce the first offering of a Mac OS X version of Phoenix Project Manager today. Phoenix has been out on Windows for over 3 years now, and has been used successfully on several large construction projects ranging from $100 million to $2 billion USD. Some of those projects include the Arizona Cardinals Stadium, the Dallas Center for Performing Arts, the World Jewelry Center, and the City Creek Center here in Salt Lake City. While Phoenix is designed for large construction projects, several home builders have found it useful for their schedules as well.

30 day trials for both Mac OS X (Universal) and Windows are available for download here:



Bryan Petty

Phoenix Project Management Systems


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,341member
    Here's just a couple of recommendations.

    The product looks functional and well featured. Could you guys slap up a few shots of your OS X version? Right now you only have windows.

    Once you've got some decent Mac pics be sure to register your app at





    Some of your competition.



    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the recommendations. I replaced a few of the screenshots with equivalent Mac OS X screenshots yesterday. We registered with versiontracker.com back on the 4th, and were put up on Softpedia the day after (without needing to submit our application with them surprisingly), but didn't remember MacUpdate, and didn't even know about the others until now, thanks.

    I've actually talked with one of the Merlin developers in person at MacWorld '08, and both Merlin and OmniPlan really aim for a MS Project alternative (and they both do a pretty good job at it). Our application is a little more specialized for the construction industry in that it aims to be a cheap alternative to Primavera P6 which is Windows-only. We do have one other application that is a little more of a direct competitor on Mac OS X, and that's FastTrack Schedule, which has both a Mac OS X and Windows release as well, but I think we have them beat significantly in at least the area of usability, if not with some of our other unique features.
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    tilttilt Posts: 396member

    Considering that P6 is now more predominant, are there any plans to offer imports and exports to P6?

    My company works extensively with P6 and since I prefer using Macs, I was wondering if this would be a possibility.

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    Originally Posted by tilt View Post

    Considering that P6 is now more predominant, are there any plans to offer imports and exports to P6?

    My company works extensively with P6 and since I prefer using Macs, I was wondering if this would be a possibility.

    It's certainly a possibility, but we haven't done any work in that direction yet. Primavera switched database engines entirely with P5. They used to use Btreive in P3, and now they use MS SQL in P5 and P6.

    It certainly helps that we can import directly from P3 instead of making users export to MPX, and import back from that since MPX is a very limited format, and a lot more data is lost in the conversion than when we just import directly from P3 itself, which is why we decided to add support for it in the first place. P6 does still support exporting to MPX, and Phoenix should still be able to import from that at least until we're able to work out a new importer.

    I should probably note that we only support importing from P3, not from P6. We support exporting to MPX though, and you can then import that into P3/P6.
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