Best 19" wide screen for MacBook that is also PORTABLE?

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Have at it. I carry my MacBook around. Now, I would like to get a MacBook Pro but even then the screen is "too small" (try for example, using Flash CS4, you need two screens!)

Cost is not a huge issue, I don't need calibration, just comfortable, clear screen resolution if I am staring at a lot of PHP and ActionScript code throughout the day. Reasonable quality, design, warranty and yes, portability. Because I am doing freelance stuff now (trying to get this going these past few weeks) and may be in one office for a few days, other days other places, sometimes work from home. Color needs to be of generally good standard as I am doing primarily web stuff so everything will be in sRGB color space.

Suggestions? I'm not "feeling" Dell, Samsung, LG...

I know a 20" Apple Cinema Display with an would be cool, but a bit too crazy. Plus will the 20" Apple Cinema Display LED come out in a few months?

So... DVI is a must, screen res of course 1680x1050, 19" wide, PORTABLE, durable...

Any ideas guys and gals? Yes, 17" wide could just cut it but I'd prefer a 19" wide since I have a 17" 4:3 and I like the height in that. For the expense and trouble, I reckon might as well shoot for a 19" wide with 1680x1050 res.

By portability I don't mean it runs on batteries, just means that it is not too insane carrying it from the car to the office/work desk, and not too many ugly thick cables and power adaptors all over the place.
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