Callers can't hear me!

in iPhone edited January 2014
My first iPhone 3G, owned since launch, was recently replaced at the Apple Store because it stopped being able to read SIM cards.

My new iPhone 3G is only about two weeks old and suddenly callers can't hear me. I can hear them crystal clear, but using the headphone mic or the built-in mic, they can't hear me. The only exception: They can hear me just fine on speakerphone.

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with either mic--I can record new voicemail greetings that sound perfectly fine. It's just during calls, regardless of whether I call someone or someone calls me.

Any ideas? I won't be able to make it to the Apple Store for a couple of days. I've found the same complaint elsewhere on the web, but no one offered any pertinent advice.


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    I was able to make it over to the Apple Store today... Genius Bar said something about a drum or something like that in the microphone that must be broken... So I'm on to my third iPhone 3G... hopefully this one last... the first several months I had it I had zero problems and absolutely LOVED it... so here's for hoping the troubles are over!
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    All the best, I've had an iPhone 3G since August or so, and it's been sweet, no complaints, really. Call me a rabid fanboy, but the iPhone 3G is the PDA, iPod and phone I've always wanted. Of course, I still hold a special place in my heart for my HandSpring PDA.
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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    I still get dropped calls all the f'ing time and I use less than 400 minutes a month
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