Time Wasters-I'm sorry in advance.

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So we all have things that end up catching our interest and wasting our time even though they have absolutely no right or reason to do so.

I've decided to share mine and encourage you to do the same. This way we will all have really good resolutions to commit to for the new year.

My wife and I watch Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory. Well at first I didn't watch them, my wife did and wanted company on the couch. Since her way of enticing me was to have me lay my head on her lap and run her long fingers through my hair I held out for about 4 seconds before saying yes. We watch the new episodes when they come out and I've really come to like the Big Bang Theory. At the end of both shows I kept noticing the vanity cards and they flash by way too fast to read. One made reference to "you know where to go" and I discovered he posts all of them online. They are cute musings from a pretty decent comedy writer. They have a nice dash of snark to them. Enjoy and share something that didn't force you to demand the time back because it sucked, but certainly accomplished the task of wasting your time.


As the great wheel of our democracy rolls forward, I think it's important to take a moment and remember a forgotten hero. A man who so loved his country, he was willing to put on a suit purchased by a personal shopper, stand on a Minneapolis stage in front of a national audience and fake being happy about his impending shotgun wedding. Then, because he is a true patriot, he voluntarily ceased to exist for the next eight weeks. Of course I'm talking about Levi Johnston. Well, Levi, if you're reading this, know that you've served your country well and you're free now. Go! Run! Live your life! Or, you could acquiesce to marriage (look up acquiesce, you'll get a kick out of it), in exchange for a plum job fighting crime in the frozen wilderness. Who knows, maybe there's a TV show in your life and you'll be famous again. I'm thinking we could call it, Tundra Heat, or, Permafrost Flatfoot, or, Glacier Gumshoe, or, Dude, I Forgot the Condoms. Oh, I so smell an Emmy.

Remember, I apologized in advance.


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