Funny Discussion I had...

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So there was this funny discussion I had with a guy in my town who owns a Print Shop. I noticed that he was talking about how bad the PC market was right now with the customer in front of me. When I walked up to him, I asked him if he was a mac fan, and he said that he was one since 1993. So we talked a little bit, and it turned out that he actually owned a Mac repair shop upstairs. Funny thing was, he has had absolutely no business since Mac upgraded to Leopard.

Funny, eh?


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    floorjackfloorjack Posts: 2,726member
    Maybe he can fix my wife's laptop that the 18 month old dropped on the floor. The DVD drive needs to be replaced and for some reason it looses power when twisted and not plugged in.
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    outsideroutsider Posts: 6,008member
    That doesn't make sense. Macs still break. I should know, we see dozens a day that are broken or have software issues. The hardware breaks, people have accidents, things get spilled, software gets corrupt, fonts wreak havoc, etc, etc. Leopard changed nothing. It gave us some great new features but stuff still happens.
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