Question about iPhone as a gift?

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I'm thinking of getting my wife an iPhone for Christmas and would like to have it ready to use when she opens it. Before going this direction, I have a few questions, hope you can help...

To set this up, we have the following:

1. iMac with all music, photos, etc

2. Three iPods (Touch, nano, shuffle) syncs with music, photos, apps

3. Macbook (hers, used mostly for browsing, email, etc - no photos, music)

Most of our music is from Amazon, so it can be transferred to the iPhone but doesn't the iPhone link to a certain computer? Should I connect it to her macbook first? Can the apps downloaded to the Touch be transferred to the iPhone?

It sounds simple, but really all I want is to have an activated iPhone, with music & photos ready go Christmas morning.




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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    Yes, the iPhone syncs to a particular computer. I would connect it to the iMac since that is where all your multimedia is at. You can manually have her setup her email on the iPhone when she opens it. I would move the apps to the iMac if they are not there already
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