Cleaning the Screen on the New MacBook

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I cannot see how to remove the subtle "smudges" that accumulate. It is like there are fingerprints on the screen, and even with a soft paper towell and gentle cleaning fluid, there is no real improvement.

I know this sounds silly, but the cool screen on the laptop is a part of its attraction, and it is natural to want to make it nice.


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    Assuming you mean the glossy glass screens. You can use Windex or any consumer glass-cleaning solution. That glass is pretty durable stuff... you're gonna have a hard time finding a "normal" cleaning product that would etch it.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb now and say that you'd probably have a hard time finding a glass-cleaning product that would harm the aluminum or plastic parts either.

    ... now, the matte screens are a whole 'nother story.
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    jtusjtus Posts: 18member
    I use iklear it can be purchased at the Apple store. It works on mat and glossy laptops.
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