Third party Utility apps

in Mac Software edited January 2014
About 2 years back, I asked what utilities IA members used. I don't recall the answers, but I did not buy one. I was able to have most of my problems and questions answered by IA members.

Now, my family and friends who have switched to Macs are asking me what they should buy:

TechTool Pro; Drive Genius; Disk Warrior; or........

Most of these new Mac users had Symantec on their PC systems. The one thing I recall from the IA answers was: STAY AWAY from Symantec.

Sooooo, what can I tell them? Your experience will help a lot.

Secondly, what other apps or applets are you using to enhance your Mac 'experience'? Also, let me know if the app(let)s are free, cheap, or expensive (but worth the price). I don't mind paying for something that has a lot of bang for the buck. [That's obvious as I switched from PC's to Macs and OS X's]
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