Safari 3.2.1 seems to be broken

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Hi there,

Here's the issue. I connect to the net via safari 3.2.1 and everything goes normally, happily surfing between sites etc. with no issues and then suddenly I get full fan noise from my PMG5 / 10.4.11 and then no more surfing. To be more specific, anything I type into the address bar or anything I click in bookmarks just sits there with "connecting to http://www..."; in the status bar and it goes no further. The fan noise reduces back to normal, but still zero response from the browser. I have to Force Quit as Safari (is not responding). This only happens in Safari - Firefox is fine and indeed what I am using right now to write this.

Anyone know of any fixes? I tried getting old of a previous version of Safari but to no avail. I have no 3rd parties plug-ins/add-ons. \

Many Thanks,



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    I have no problem with my Safari 3.2.1. Why not take it in to an Apple Store and have them diagnose your problem. Sounds like a hardware issue. Good luck. Or, contact Apple Support online.
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Yes, what Samantaliht said. That'll fix it.
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