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I had some questions, maybe they seem obvious, or even dumb, but I have to ask.

At home I have Verizon DSL with a Westell 327W modem/wireless router. I have my iMac connected directly to that router. All works well, no issues. I also have a lap I bring home from work at connects to the router wire-lessly, and my son's PS3 connects wire-lessly as well. Somehow, I no longer have an antenna on my router (kids were screwing around with it, and nobody knows anything). Because I now lack an antenna, the range is very limited, and before I buy a replacement antenna I was wondering if I need it, based on my plans.

I am about to buy a Time Capsule for back-up/achieving purposes. I know it has wireless capability (I'll admit I don't fully understand its capabilities). I am planning on disabling the wireless capability on the modem I have, connecting the Time Capsule to the modem using a cable, and connecting the iMac to the Time Capsule using a cable. Will I have any issues connecting a Windows laptop, a PS3, or an iTouch to the Time Capsule wirelessly?

Any other advice recommendations?

Thanks all.


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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    No, everything sounds great.

    You'll want to see if you can put the modem in bridge mode though to make things easier.
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