Just bought a good app for traveler/ dial international calling card

in iPhone edited January 2014
Hi All,

First time to post here! I found many people is seeking for a function like Edit before Call/SMS, inserting prefix, eg, international country code, calling cards, DTMF/IVRS before dialing a number. I think they are look at a App Store app called Smart Dialler under Productivity.

I just bought this Smart Dialler which is very nice for me. I shifted from Nokia to iPhone and found that the function of edit before call is missing. (So odd, which should be a default function). Imagine I have to memorize the whole phone number and key in them one by one each time I just calling card/ send international sms, always make typo/ wrong call. Finally, I find Smart Dialler and it help me to simplify to dial numbers with prefix, Int'l code, etcs. Its a GOOD APP and really make my life eariler. So would like to share over here as my 1st app review in AppleInsider.


According to the developer, they will add additional new features, Smart Dial liked in Windows Mobile to use T9 num pad to search the contact into this Smart Dialler (good for me with thousands of contact). Hope to see the update version very soon.
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