Replacing internal hardrive, external boot problems.

in macOS edited January 2014
I've a white Macbook, bought November 2007. It has an 80gb HD and I'm trying to replace it with a 320 one.

Using CarbonCopyCloner I cloned the internal 80gb to an external 160gb HD via USB (the enclosure doesn't have Firewire output). The external was erased and reformatted as an OS X Extended in disk utility. Also, CCC gave me the green light on saying it was bootable.

Now I want to replace the internal with the 320gb and boot from the external 160 and clone everything back to the 320gb internal.

I have rEFIt on the macbook from a previous attempt at booting linux off the external. Anyway, it recognises the OS X on the external hardrive but when I select it to boot I get stuck on the grey loading screen (Apple Logo and spinning dots).

How can I fix this?



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    Ok, after letting it sit for about half an hour, the apple logo has been replaced with a circle with a line through it (like you see on no smoking signs).

    EDIT: Now rEFIt doesn't even appear, the internal automatically boots. Have since removed rEFIT, still automatic boot.

    EDIT: Drive appears in normal start up manager when holding down option. Still same issue though, spins forever, doesn't load.

    EDIT: Solved, forgot to set it to GUID partioning.
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