Fixing Partitions

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Is there any way that i can resize my main mac partition. Somehow, while deleting my boot camp partition, my main partition was never resized, and he ~50gb was left blank. Now i am unable to resize it. It is grayed out in disk utility, and i tried using ubuntu's partition editor, neither which would let me do it. Now im stuck, and need that space. Thanks


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    Have you tried using the Boot Camp Assistant again?
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    go to disk utility

    then go to your harddrive. click on "186.3 GB Hitachi" NOT the "Macintosh HD"

    i think you choose the second tab on the top?

    the one where you can see paritions

    click your osx partition (not the gray box)

    on the right side of that panel, you should see a text box and it says GB after it. this is the size of the parition.

    change this to the full size of the harddrive.

    sorry i'm not on a mac at work, MAKE SURE you don't agree on anything that says "you will lose your data"
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    oh wait, i think cyko95 is right. if you run bootcamp assistant again, there should be an option to delete the windows partition and bring it back to normal.
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