No Jobs = Silent Protest from Fans.

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Sort of funny that they are doing this. The fans.

What I find interesting is that the fans are peeved yet the pro users, the users who made them what they are, with the consumer keeping their force full alive, but the pro's being shut out (Pro care used to be ONE TO ONE for LOGIC, SHAKE, FCP), now its iLife, mom and pop and how to make email attachements, most trainers are clueless on FCP, plus Apple going out of their way to stop PRO APPS from being run on Macbooks (last generation you could never run games on it but you could run PRO APPS with a 171% benchmark in OPENGL, so APPLE released a newer GMA that didn't do anything to regular users but only affected PRO APPS (less than 1%), so why does APPLE go out of their way for 1%, then they release a machine that's even better for PRO apps but this time with the lack of firewire, the exclude, ALL THE MOM AND POP CAM CORDER users, the thousands upon thousands of musicians, and all the IT people who use target disk mode too (can't believe some think the new mini will have firewire, not if it has nvidia GPU it won't, no way, APPLE simply won't tolerate any machine running a PRO app except the $700 more for three things macbook pro, express slot, firewire and 2 more inches.

Anyway, find it ironic that the fans are finally feeling what it's like to have apple pinch you and tell you who cares and cancel macworld, especially if you were a 3rd party developer.

Personally, I think somethings up with Jobs, otherwise we would have heard by now that he was fine, we haven't - something is up and they are doing a horrible PR job with this matter. Once the silent protest hits mainstream and should it happen, the stock is going to take a major beating.

Oh well, I guess this is what happens when year after year, and now presently, they have hurt now ALL THE PRO'S, ALL THE MOM AND POP CAM CORDERS, THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF MUSICIANS, 3RD PARTY DEVELOPERS, and ALL THE FAN BOYS.

Crazy times -- Jobs needs to release a statement if he's okay - but I don't think he is.



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    Its like most things, Apple has sold out for dollars.

    I much preferred the Apple of old when their back was against the wall, but they sold a better product than the competition.

    Apple still sells the uber premium product in terms of dollars, but the physical thing they're selling is the same as the competition.

    This might be all well when times are good, but Apple has really got to the point, where price manipulation has become far too excessive, and basically Apple are taking the piss. Which is ok as long as there are people stupid enough to pay the premium.

    Hopefully, the recession will bite hard at Apple, and they will go a step back to making premium products at a premium price.

    Apple today is a premium product for a complete rip off.
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