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When I'm running mail my fan started continuously running on high. I search google and found out that mail was using close to %100 of the system resources.

I can not find out how to correct this issues. I'm using a gmail account via pop. If that makes sense.

Any help would be great with this.



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    People on the Apple Support Forums report success with the following.


    If you locate your Mail folder inside your User Account Library you will find a document called "Envelope Index" - it could be quite a large file.

    Quit out of Mail

    Move the Envelope Index file to the desktop (don't delete in case something goes wrong) and then re-open Mail again. It will start to build a new index. Depending on how much email you are storing and how large the previous index file was will decide how long this re-build takes. You will notice that comparing the two files shows that the new file can be much much smaller. Also I hope this makes thing run a lot faster too. Doing this periodically does no harm and don't be freaked out about how many emails it is indexing. It can take quite some time depending on how much you have.

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