Is there a new IPOD in the works???

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I have purchased 2 IPODs and each time a NEW better one was introduced in a matter of weeks. I have the last generation classic that does not do video. I am looking at the current classic, because of the size. I would like an ITOUCH but the current one does not have enough storage. Is there any rumors of new IPODS being introduced in early 2009?



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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,229moderator
    I don't know what an itouch is but an ipod touch should be a safe bet.

    The classic probably won't be updated either as there are only bigger hard drives to go in it.

    I'd really consider whether or not you need the space. Go through your collection and make a playlist of all the tunes you currently really like. If they come to over 6GB then go for the classic.

    I know some people have a habit of wanting to have their entire collection with them all the time but it's a habit that needs to change because you have absolutely no way of listening to 1000 hours of music nor do you need to between syncing.

    A few GB should last you about 2 weeks.

    If you go for the classic, you will be missing out on an amazing device. The ipod touch is more than just an ipod and runs a better OS with so much more functionality. It's more like a full blown PDA. Check out the refurb store as you can sometimes pick them up really cheap.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,669member
    New iPods come out in the fall - don't buy in the fall, ever.
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