Problems connecting to internet on Parallels

in macOS edited January 2014

Hope someone can help.

I am running MAC OS X version 10.5.6, on an Intel Core 2 Duo iMac.

Last week I installed Parallels 3 (and updated online to build 5608), and Windows XP SP3

Everything was working fine, however, over the last few days the network connection on Parallels has stopped working. It is still working fine on OS X.

The message I get under network conections is:

Local area or no connectivity....Parallels network adapter.

I tried to repair the connection, but the IP address could not be renewed.

I turned off the firewall, but still had the same problem.

I checked the hardware wizzard for the Parallels network adapter and it said that the device is working correctly.

Can anyone suggest a remedy please?

By the way, I cannot remember when the update to OS x 10.5.6 took place, but it was around the same time I think.


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    Found the answer by accident...

    Click the Network Adapter link in the main configuration window to open its settings, and there was nothing ticked - just tick the network adapter and it starts working.
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