AEBS and dd-wrt network problem

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I am trying to set up a WDS network at home with a linksys router(WRT-310N running dd-wrt firmware) being connected to the cable modem as the main WDS with the AEBS as the WDS remote. I have gotten this to work except when I try to secure the network, the internet doesn't work. Has anyone figured out how to get this to work with any kind of security (Wep, WPA/2)? I have tried use the AEBS as the main WDS but my set top box keeps having to buffer the video. The linksys router has no problem with the buffering when I make it the main WDS. I guess i could live with a unsecured network but it would be nice to secure it. Any one have any experience with this? THanks in advance.


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    i don't think WDS will work with anything else but apple products if you have an AEBS, that's been my impression, not sure if it's 100% true.

    I've done bridge mode before with AE & belkin g router, but that's when I got them linked via ethernet.
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