Errant process using 9628% CPU! (w images)

in macOS edited January 2014
Has anyone else seen anything like this before? :confused:

It appeared out of nowhere, sat there for about 20 seconds, and disappeared like nothing happened. I suspect that this is actually a bug in Process Viewer and that it's not parsing the process list correctly. This is on a clean install of Jagwire with only OmniWeb, Mail, iChat, iTunes, QuickTime Player, GraphicConverter, TextEdit, Terminal, and Process Viewer running.


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    Holy Cow! it just happened again. This time it claims there are two OmniWeb processes and that one of them is a zombie!

    Oh well. I guess this is why I always use "top" instead of Process Viewer.
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    Brad. I'm suprised at you, It's a very simple explaination, I though tyou would have figured it out, but since you didn't, let me explain.

    Apple had a couple of 50GHz processors sitting around, but lost them. You lucked out, and they somehow ended up in your computer. When figuring the percentages, Process Viewer is basing the calcualations on the assumption that you have a dual 500MHz like you are supposed to, not a dual 50GHz.

    Don't worry, Brad!


    For you are blessed!

    (all nubers in this post are dependant upon the assumption that I can do math at this early hour. If they make no sense to you, the assumption was wrong, feel free to substitute with more sensical numbers. or something like that)
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    Very bizarre - the figures in the name collumn appear to be bit code.It is probably a bug.A zombie process is a process that is no longer running,but has not yet been fully deleted from the system.
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    Do you see the same behaviour with top?? If not, it's probbally a problem with Process Viewer. top and Process viewer get their information from the same source..
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