You can get a new free ipod game"Whackwolf"!!

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Woo... we can get a new game "Whackwolf".



Category: Games

Released Date: Dec 24, 2008

Rate: ★★★★★

Price: Free

In Bunny Grassland appear a pack of evil beasts, the wolves, which have been casting their greedy eyes on the cute rabbits. Now, be the guards of grassland, get your amazing strength to save these rabbits. Pick up the hammer of courage power, show your guts and determination then kick all the wolves away.

WhackWolf integrated the fantastic game level design and the exciting music. Let you have full fun with multimedia and touch technology. More WhackWolf features are as follow:

1. Three-game level design pattern.

2. Round scoring model system.

3. Exciting music and special effects.

4. Multi-touch play.

5. Complete record list.

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