How to get an Iphone without getting ripped off

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Please help a newbie

Please excuse me if I sound ignorant, but everyone talks about the price of the iphone. 299.00 and 199.00. I have not hear a lot of posts complaining about the fact that you can only get this price if you are able to upgrade.

I still have over 8 months before att will let me upgrade and they refuse to allow an early upgrade at the 299.00 / 199.00 price to the iphone even though I have been a customer with them for over 8 years. They claim it is an agreement with apple. They state I can pay the extra 100.00 for the early upgrade price, but I do not feel this is fair.

Does anyone know of any way around this? I thought about adding a line to my service, but the additional cost almost equals getting the phone without waiting for to be eligible for the upgrade.

Any help would be geatly appreciated.

a newbie


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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member
    Well you did sign a contract with AT&T for a certain period of time, obviously you want to break the original contract so they are charging you a fee.

    Maybe you should read things before you sign them as I am pretty sure this would have been written into the contract.

    Besides maybe the iPhone Nano will be out by then...

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    amoryaamorya Posts: 1,103member
    That's what having a subsidised phone means.

    Here in the UK, the iPhone is free. Now, obviously, if you could get one whenever without waiting until your contract expired, people would take hundreds of them. So you can only get them when your contract runs out. (They did do a promotion where you don't have to wait if you bought the original iPhone, but that was a special offer.)

    It's the same concept in America, although the phone is not subsidised as much. The network would still lose money if they let you upgrade too often.

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    irelandireland Posts: 17,743member
    That's going to involve a machine-gun and a truck
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