Multiple Business CRM for mac?

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Hey There, Ive just purchased a macbook pro 2.53ghz version.

I have 4 businesses in marketing, software and business development and i also am an marketing consultant.

I need a crm where i can easily manage all of these separately. And where i can manage new business ideas from concepts to development and start up.

Im torn between Daylight and Contactizer Pro. I like Contactizer Pro but i hate the interface and i like Daylights interface but its project management area looks a bit weak, compared to Contactizer.

I also dont want to have all my businesses details cluttered with each other.

Any suggestions?



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    Will SugarCRM be a choice? It's a webapp so it'll run fine on a Mac.

    Don't know too much about CRM. Just ignore me if it doesn't serve what you need.
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    frank777frank777 Posts: 5,839member
    Devan, you're the first person I've talked to that actually likes Daylite's interface.

    Both products have confusing interfaces that aren't up to Mac standards. It says something when I can look at ACT screenshots on the PC and 'get' the interface, while Mac competitors seem bewildering.

    Neither does sales particularly well, which is the big problem for me.
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    devandevan Posts: 10member
    Really? i find it pretty straight forward. Probably a few features i don't know but ive figured out how to use it in the last few days, without the documentation.

    The main problem is i can only use one currency, and there is no "Dashboard" view.

    Are there any other competitiors i should concider? im looking for an offline solution as online solutions can take a while to load.

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