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I have a fairly new MBP, which I received from work in August. As a work computer, I don't mess that much with it. All I have installed is the basic software that came with it, plus what I need for work - Microsoft Office, the full Adobe package, pretty much.

However, as of lately (by which, I mean about 2 months), it's been freezing up on me. I'm using it, leave the trackpad alone for one moment and, when I try to use it again, it's frozen. The trackpad doesn't work, and neither does the keyboard.

However, if I close the monitor and put the computer to sleep, usually, when I reopen it, it comes back to normal... for a little while, until it freezes again. The only key that does work during those freezes, though, is the boot key.

This has happened to me while running pretty much any software - just Firefox, or just Word, or just Flash, and so on.

I'm utterly confused at this point whether this would be a hardware or software problem. Plus, since I'm new at using Macs, I'm not sure how to proceed. Could it be a program loading during boot that's freezing up the system? (in which case, again, I wouldn't know what to do)

Has anyone experienced something similar?

In any case, I'd really really appreciate some input and suggestions - hopefully those that would not include "reformat the computer" since, as I said, this is a company computer, and any such process would take days and be a much bigger hassle.

Thank you SO much in advance,



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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    I think that there was a problem with the NVIDIA 8600 graphics chipset on the MacBook Pros.

    Something to do with the solder?

    Hopefully someone who knows a bit more will be along shortly...
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