2 iPhones + 1 MobileMe = My wife gets my work calendar alerts all day long

in iPhone edited January 2014
My wife and I both have iPhones now (and Macs). We use MobileMe to sync everything through iTunes. For the most part, it's great, we want all of each others contacts, music, etc.. iTunes allows for all the custom changes we need... except when it comes to calendars.

We have mutliple calendars, including one I use at work. Since we use MobileMe, our iTunes settings for calendars just says "Your calendars are being synced with your iPhone over the air from MobileMe. Over the air sync settings can be changed on the iPhone"

Here is the problem.

She gets alerts for my work meetings all day long... she does not need that. I'm almost ready to come to terms with the fact that either she gets no alerts or calendars, or all alerts and calendars.

Here is the question:

Is there any way to turn off calendar alerts on a calendar by calendar basis?


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