Hot Popcorn movies app New Year Giveaway

in iPhone edited January 2014
Hi all,

We need your help to spread the word about Hot Popcorn and to return the favor we are offering you the chance to win free copies of the coolest iPhone movies app.

10 promo codes will be awarded and you have until January 12th to enter.

For more details about the giveaway:

For more info about Hot Popcorn, including screen shots:




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    The first Hot Popcorn review is in. Some quotes:

    "A Must Have for Movie Junkies"

    "?looking up movies/dvds on the iPhone has never been this easy and intuitive. The presentation is top notch and users can easily read through reviews and ratings?"

    "Hot Popcorn is by far the best Movie App I have tried at the App Store. With a well designed interface and easily accessible features that put other similar apps to shame, anyone who is looking for a better alternative than what?s currently available should definitely give Hot Popcorn a chance."
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