Lost saved emails on external HD

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Performed a system back up onto an external HD some time ago, erased the internal HD on my G4 Powerbook and installed Tiger; checked the external HD to confirm emails from Mail were saved, and all was well.

Recently re-erased the internal HD and reinstalled Tiger, went to my external and all the old Mail files were still there but the emails are gone.

Are these two things connected, and is there a way to locate or recover my emails?


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    Did the file size of your old mail files changed? I mean did you accidentally overwrite your backup files?

    And how do you know that the emails had all gone? Is the way that you restored your mail last time no longer work anymore?

    If you have an IMAP account, or you have asked your mail application not to delete email from the POP3 server, you'll still have a chance to get them back from the mail server. If not, your backup files will probably be the best hope for you.

    Wish you good luck.
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