Is My iPod Charger Official?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I had purchased an iPod charger (iPod USB Power Adapter) off of the web recently. The seller was selling it brand new for a very cheap price and said it was an authentic Apple product. Out of the hundreds of feedback they had they only had 2 negative so I thought it would be a good seller. Well I got the charger today and while it looks authentic there are some things about it I'm not sure about.

For example the back of the box is in four different languages, and there's a sticker on the side that is only in Chinese. The booklet it came in is in good English but it's also in a few other languages and is 18 pages long.

Is this official? It looks official but I am not sure. I would not want a bootleg product because others have said that the unofficial chargers could fry your iPod battery.
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