DVI to HDMI -- works with HDCP?

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I am thinking about getting a Mac mini to use as a home media center. I am planning on connecting the mini to my 720p LCD widescreen TV via a DVI-to-HDMI adapter cable. (I already have the cable and tested it out with my TV and my old G5 PowerMac.) For audio, I'm just planning on connecting external speakers to the headphone jack.

In light of the HDCP problems encountered by users with the new Macbooks and Mini Display Ports with HD content in setups where converter cables are involved, I wanted to make sure that others had successfully viewed DRM-engabled HD content via an DVI-to-HDMI.

As a side note, I'd love to hear stories of performance for such a setup. The minis are pretty underpowered, but all I really plan to do with it is watch DVDs and videos from the mini's internal hard drive -- is there any problem with frames dropping or sluggish video playback?


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    DVI does not support HDCP at all.

    best bet is to rent a movie from iTunes & test it with the G5, but I'm thinking it may not work.

    the current mini will or should be more than fast enough for whatever you want to do. think they are sluggish to some because of the ram situation.

    if you wait for the way overdue update, it should have mini display port & monoprice.com is suppose to have an HDMI adapter for that, hopefully soon.
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