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My wireless router stopped workin on New Year's of all days. The wired connection still works (which I'm using to post this) but the wireless network is gone, despite several reboots and some reconfigurations. Since my router is almost 4 years old, I figure it's bitten the dust. It's a Linksys wireless G WRT54GL.

My iMac is hooked up to my wireless network, as well as two gaming consoles and an iPod touch.

My first instinct is to get a Linksys wireless N router, but I've heard that Linksys is having quality control problems lately.

Does anybody have a recommendation?

Obviously, cross-platform compatibility is important. I have a Mac and an OpenSolaris box, so a good robust web interface like my current Linksys router is a must.

As far as I know, the AirPort Extreme requires either Windows or Mac (and I need to be able to administer it from my OpenSolaris box), and I've heard that it requires reboots to change most network settings. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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    I've always had good luck with Linksys routers. Where I used to work, we sold them all the time with very few failures. You're also starting to get a little Cisco technology in them as well from what I see as they were acquired by Cisco Systems.

    There is no easy way of controlling an AirPort without the use of the AirPort software. If so, its probably more work than its worth giving you can buy a $70-$99 wireless N router that does the same thing without any screwing around.
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    I use D-Link DIR-635. It is robust and reliable, possibly you can't get it any more, but newer models (DIR-655?).
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    Turns out that the router is working again. I reset it to factory settings (holding down the reset button as well), and it's not only working, but it's even faster than before.

    That Linksys router is awesome. Apparently the newer ones aren't as good, though.
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