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I'm really enjoying the maze game that comes with the ipod, can anyone recommend any other accelerometer controlled games for the nano? Most of the games I find on the Apple store seem to be for the iPhone or touch!

Thank you


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    Welcome to AI!

    In iTunes, if you click on the iTunes Store, a list will show up on the left.

    iPod Games --- These are for the iPod, including the nano.

    App Store --- Games you find here are only for the iPhone and the Touch.

    Whereas there are a limited number of games in the first group, there are tons of games in the latter group. The iPhone and the Touch have different software in them that allow them to run different applications.

    Some of the iPod games are a lot of fun. When I still had my nano (now on a Touch and iPhone), I had Pool, Yahtzee and Mini Golf installed.
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