Santa Rosa Macbook Pro with new overheating

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A little help needed with a potential hardware problem...

Yesterday, my Santa Rosa MBP, 1 1/2 years old, began seriously overheating. It was always warm previously, but quite tolerable. It now overheats to the point that I can smell hot plastic. The battery is not warm at all. Rather, the heat seems to start in the front center, next to the lid release latch. it then moves to include the entire left side of the base. The machine still works, but it is now so hot to the touch that I can't run it for more than an hour at a time, if even that long, due to discomfort.

I'm running the 10.5 release immediately previous to the current one. I haven't installed any new hardware or software in the last few weeks.

I've reset the PRAM and it wasn't helpful. I therefore went the extra mile and reset the SMC. This was similarly unhelpful.

Next stop...TechTool Pro. All hardware checks out, but it doesn't specifically check fan function.

Found iStat Pro, which monitors temp and fan speed, among others. The data I'm getting is as follows:

Left and Right fans are both spinning at 6005 rpm (sounds normal--fans are not problem)

Temps are:

HD 80 C

CPU 64 C

Airport 81 C

Enclosure base 44 C

GPU diode 67 C

GPU heatsink 59 C

Heatsink A 58 C, B=48 C

I'm quite sure that 80 C is not normal, that's almost 180 F!

Things are far hotter with the AC adaptor plugged in, so I used compressed air to clean out the MagSafe plug and its receptacle. The last thing to try before taking it to the Apple Store appears to be trying a different AC adaptor.

Other ideas before I make the (thankfully, short) trip to the Apple Store?

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