The OS X effect

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Don't know about most of you but here's what I've noticed.

Before OS X came. I remember alot of interest in

Yellow Dog Linux



It was obvious that people wanted the stabilty and many were not adverse to putting up with a slightly nonintuitive UI to get it.

Fast Forward 2 years and this dull roar has all but been extinguished. This tells me that despite the small shortcoming of Jaguar. Many of us realize that it gives us most of what Linux has to offer and then some. Nothing wrong with striving for perfection so the dissenting comments are always welcome when coming in a constructive manner.


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    Well, it's no secret Linus Torvahlds (sp?) doesn't care for OS X - and no secret as to why. I think your general assertion that OS X has taken a lot of interest away from these other platforms is basically correct.

    However, there are still a lot of geeks out there who will steer clear of OS X because "it's still a Mac". I don't think OS X will ever fully displace these other technologies, but it will certainly continue to be the most widely used UNIX-based OS in the world for several years to come IMO.
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    Speaking from personal experience, I know that OS X has taken away my desire for Linux. The g33k in me wanted to have a CLI to mess around with and I love trying out new programs and getting them to work right. I actually used Linux for a while before making my switch to the Mac about 3 years ago. It was a drastic change but at that time I was tired of fiddling and recompiling the kernel and reading ass ugly text. So for a while, I was content with OS 9. Then I got that g33k wander-lust again and I was able to get a copy of DP4 from someone. WOW. Since then, I haven't looked back. But the terminal is my second or third most used program. I've learned a whole lot of stuff using OS X, more than I ever could have with Linux because half my time would have been devoted to trouble-shooting (maybe more since I'm strictly a laptop user).

    OS X == Linux but without the fuss.
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    Moogs- I agree. Some will be open to OSX but many will still prefer the cachet of being a "Linux Guru".


    Yeah I hear you. I was shocked to read that OSX has like %95 of BSD Commands. I has "Ass U me'd" that somehow Apple had left alot of commands out in my ignorance but it seems that alot of knowledge from learning OSX will directly transfer over to BSD. I like that kind of duplication.

    Linus should be pissed. OSX is working. The next homerun the Apple needs to smash out the park is a new Filesystem that will make even the most ardent ReiserFS fanatic green with Envy.
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