New 17" Macbook pro with non-removable battery....CONFIRMED!

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Yup. Listening to a live audio feed now and following the blogs.

Its confirmed. The battery is non-removable. But with an 8 hour battery charge life!

go to for the link for the audio feed.


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    I wonder what real world times are going to be. If they can actually deliver 8 hours with moderate use, then it could mean working all day without having to bring a charger. If it's anything like my old Macbook Pro (which claimed 5 hours but rarely saw above 3), then I don't see the point.
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    Man, that non-removable battery surprises me. I had two batteries re-called on my PowerBook... not that big of a deal with the "normal" battery, but I'd have been a bit less pleased had I needed to send the whole computer in to get it replaced.

    Hopefully they've got a reliable vendor for these new batteries!

    8 hrs advertised = 4 hrs real-world would still make for a best-on-the-market battery life.
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