Burning CD with iTunes Music Has Strange Scratching Sounds

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Having purchased some music at Classics Online and imported it into iTunes, I can listen to all of the cuts and everything sounds fine. Yet when I burn a Music (Audio) CD to play on my CD player, and listen back to it, there is a very strange interference that's quite loud. It's a kind of scratchy interference, like a bad audio driver or as my wife described it, like a squirrel was inside the speaker trying to get out. Of course, there's no squirrel, and the driver is quite fine, and the speaker is not clipping, and if I place another regular CD into the CD player, quite a good play actually (a Rega Planet), it sounds fine and there is no interference.

Again, I go back and listen within iTunes, and it sounds okay. It only is audible on the CDs I burn. I am wondering if it's related to trying to burn these MP3 files I have purchased and imported into iTunes. Is there something in particular about the way the iTunes burns Audio CDs that could be causing the problem.

OS - Tiger

Intel iMac

iTunes - 8.0.2
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