San Francisco iPhone 3G users- how's your reception?

in iPhone edited January 2014
My 3G has had a lot of problems with dropped calls. I switched to Edge only for a while and had no problems. The 2.2 update apparently fixed a lot of the dropped call issues, but it made no improvement for me. I've done all the Apple recommended fixes (resetting SIM card, etc)

I'm very curious about other SF residents' experiences. My Google and forum searches turn up very little from the last few months so it doesn't seem a widespread problem. I took it to the Genius Bar downtown and was told it was a city problem- hills, tall building, etc combined with insufficient AT&T infrastructure. It is particularly bad in my house near Twin Peaks. The signal bar is constantly fluctuating and switching between Edge and 3G which seems to be the problem. I thought the 2.2 update fixed that, but apparently not.

What's your SF 3G experience?
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