Irony, Estarlier Macbook Pros, refurb @ $1400 yet seem more cutting edge.

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It's ironic that you can get a refurbished for $1400, forget what Apple employee's pay (this is how I get a lot of stuff, as often as I need, even new with the 25% off, so let me know if you want me to do something, I'll take a small cut but save you some dough. My last purchased saved him $1000 on a MACBOOK Pro - I have genius friends that do it for me all the time. Wonder if the 17" will be EOL priced, probably a savings of $1200+ hundred.

Anyway, PM me and I will fill you in - was hoping for a new Mac Pro and would decide, depending on new systems and how many cores compared to EOL (when MAC PRO refreshed) and save a bundle. The mac pro would be great with 16 cores, but a cheap 8 core would do just fine.

Lastly, I don't know about others, but with all the black keyboards and glossy only 15MBP (have had both, Matte and Glossy, I prefer glossy as in a studio, you can't really tell, but the build quality and click button for me is a must have plus all the workmanship that goes into it is second to none, especially now that the MB and BP are using the same CHASSIS technique which means lower cost but more money in the Apple pockets, still, the Early 2008 builds have a great feel to them and I love the keys more so than the chick-let newer keyboards.

I know the price is dropped but it feels so sturdy and knowing it has more power than a DUAL G5, then only thing missing is a 7200 HD and that would be near desktop performance - will look into that.

Just wondering if others feel the same way in that the MBP has a sturdy build and rocks.
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