Adobe CS: MB vs. MBP

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Hi Guys,

Can you tell me if there is any benefit in buying a 15" MBP over a MB if I'm planning to use it primarily with Adobe CS3/4?

Whichever machine I go for, I'll be upgrading it to 4GB of Crucial RAM, and I have a 7200rpm 320GB WD Scorpio Black to drop straight into it as well.

From the on-paper specs, it appears that the MB & MBP are identical except for the discreet graphics chipset. Given that Adobe CS on Mac OS X doesn't really benefit from a discreet graphics chipset, I'm guessing that both 2.4GHz machines, with identical RAM and HDDs should return the same real world results.

I'm not bothered about the difference in the size of the screens, because glossy on the 15" MBP is no good to me anyway. Likewise I never actually use FireWire or ExpressCard either. Both machines support up to a 30" Cinema Display so they're both ideal for me.

The only positive differences seem to be that the MB is considerably more portable, and that it's a bit cheaper.

Or do you guys think I'll regret buying a MB over a MBP?

Cheers Guys...


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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member

    Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz

    3MB L2 cache at 1:1

    4GB 1066MHz RAM (my upgrade)

    Integrated 9400M graphics

    7200rpm SATA hard disk (my upgrade)

    2x USB ports

    Support for 20"/23"/24"/30" Cinema HD Display

    Backlit keyboard


    Screen size (not an issue for me, I'll be using a Cinema Display)

    Discreet graphics card (potentially doesn't offer me any benefits)

    FireWire (which I wouldn't use anyway)

    ExpressCard (which I wouldn't use anyway)


    Snow Leopard (is OS X/Adobe CS3 going to be able to take advantage of the 9600M?)

    Thermal considerations (the MBP appears to have two fans ? will the MB peg-out before the MBP?)

    Nuances (are there other unknown factors that I don't know about?)
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