powerbook G4 wont boot up

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
my 3 year old 17" powerbook was working fine. however, 3 night ago, it slowed right down until no programs responded. i closed the lid to return to it in the evening but instead of prompting me for my password, it turned straight back on. the time was correct and i could move the cursor (that spinning coloured wheel) but no other response. i manually turned it off and restarted it only for it to get stuck on a blank grey screen then a box with a flashing question mark. i turned it back of again and left it till the morining. trying it again i then got to the grey screen with the apple logo and the spinning circle then got stuck there. it would after a 150 revolutions of the wheel then restart itself only to repeat the same process.

i then searched the forums to see if anybody has had the same problem to find one solution suggesting booting in single user mode. i tried fsck and it came up with disk0s3: 1/0 error. before i could repeat this process it restarted itself. now when i try to boot into single user it wont let me type anything.

now when i try to start it up, the four languages box asking to restart the computer appears. my leapard start up disks are at my fathers and i wont be able to get to them for a few weeks.

does anybody have any suggestions as to what i should do next? no warranty, no applecare.

also, i'm not much of a computer whizz so bare with me. thanks
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