Nothing from my library showing up on Apple TV

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I have my apple TV connected to the network, the library which is being served up by my iMac to the network shows up in the apple tv under Settings>Computers - it's name is listed there, with what appears to be a 'chain link' graphic (?). But none of the stuff from the library, music, movies etc. shows up on the apple tv.

It's worked before, but I recently reset everything, I must have done something wrong. I turned off Syncing, because I don't want anything copied to the apple tv hard drive, I just want to stream things from the imac, as I've done before. Is there a way I might have turned off streaming?



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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    iTunes/Prefs/Sharing/"Share Library On Local Network"
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    Thanks! I looked there, the 'share over local network' option is chosen. At the bottom of the pane it says: 'On, no users conected.'


    <<iTunes/Prefs/Sharing/"Share Library On Local Network>>
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Is the ATV showing up in the iTunes Devices pref pane?
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    In iTunes, in Preferences, in Prefs pane, there's no ATV. But it does appear in the regular Devices list to the left in the main iTunes window...
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