external RAID 1, eSATA questions... advice needed

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Hi guys I recently re-installed Leopard on my Mac Book Pro.

I temporarily put all my stuff on a external firewire drive only to have it die without me copying my stuff back to the Mac Book Pro.

So I need first of all some suggestions a good back up solutions...

I'm thinking of going the external RAID 1 route (mirrored) but I've found some interesting things...

Here is the enclosure I want:


Then I was thinking of buying a pair of 1TB HD's from newegg.com

They go for about $100

The thing is I want eSATA because it's faster and I might as well invest in something a little more future proof. However I read that Firewire 800's thru-put exceeds the speed of any internal hard drive unless you run a RAID 0. In case of the RAID 0 eSATA would come in handy...

But since I know I want to run a RAID 1 (Mirrored) it seems like Firewire 800 will suffice.

My question is if I will be running an external RAID 1 do I even need eSATA on that particular enclosure? (Granted my Mac book Pro doesn't even have firewire 800)

My other question is if an external RAID 1 is even a good solution?


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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    A Time Capsule is certainly the easiest solution. You don't have to manually backup things or schedule backup jobs, it just does it... so nice

    I would not use Firewire since Apple is already eliminating this interface from some of their models. USB 2 should suffice if you're only copying data every once in a while.

    I also have an MBPro and love the Time Capsule route.
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