Time Capsule not working correctly

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I have bought a 500GB Time Capsule for my MacBook Pro (unibody), but it doesn't seem to work correctly. I attached the TC via a wired connection and configured time machine to use the Time Capsule. After the initial backup (about 260GB) it doesn't make incremental backups anymore.

Well... It seems it does backup every hour. It starts preparing, transfers 0kb and finishes the backup. If I remove files or add files to my MBP, then they don't get synchronized. So every hour the image is exactly the same as the initial backup.

I already erased the TC and configured time machine again, but it still doesn't work. The TC runs firmware 7.3.2 and my MBP runs OSX 10.5.6. Anyone knows what could be wrong?
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