External media drive - Backup with Time Capsule

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I have a Macbook Pro with 250GB HD and I want to get an external hard drive to store my large video files. I already have a 1TB Time Capsule that I use to backup my laptop. I would like the external drive to be big, either 1TB or 1.5TB, so I don't believe the Time Capsule would be large enough to completely back up the laptop and the external drive. I also would like a drive that would power up/down depending on my laptop's wake/sleep status, so I don't always have to power it manually. I have several options:

1. Buy 750GB firewire external drive and have laptop and drive backup to 1TB Time Capsule. I'm not sure if Time Capsule allows multiple drives to backup to it. My concern though is if my drives get near full, the 1TB still won't be able to fully backup both drives as they cycle large files.

2. Buy 2 external hard drives, connect 1 directly to the laptop and 1 to the USB port on my Time Capsule. I'm wondering whether Time Machine could perform 2 simultaneous backup paths: A. laptop to Time Capsule; B- external drives to each other.

3. Connect a Raid 1 drive setup to USB port on Time Capsule via the Guardian Maximus:


This would be an elegant method that would enable redundancy in one place. Only concern is performance would be bottlenecked by USB 2.0 as I'm used to performance of Firewire 800 or Gigabit ethernet (I do video work)

Also, I've noticed some NAS storage enclosures but I'm hoping the Time Capsule is the best option for my needs.

I think option 3 is my best solution, but was just curious about other peoples' setups. Mac users never cease to amaze me with their creativity and innovation.


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