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Ok so i need some advice from you guys. I am a graphic design student and am required to get a mac. i was looking at the new 17 in macbook pro but someone brought up a good point to get the 15in macbook pro and also a 20 monitor for dual screen. let me know what you guys think.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,217moderator
    I think you should go for the 15" MBP with the 20" display.

    The 17" is harder to carry, will actually have worse resale value because fewer people want to buy 17" laptops due to them being less portable and it's way more expensive while being round about the same performance. Plus a sealed in battery means if it fails, you can't do the same thing with the smaller ones, which is take the battery out, keep using the machine and get the battery replacement by post.

    You could actually get a 15" MBP + 24" display cheaper than a 17" MBP. It depends on whether you go for a high end display though. For graphic design, you'd probably aim for a SIPS or SPVA display - the 20" Apple cinema matte displays would be good.

    Some sites still sell the 23" Apple display though and it gives you 1920x1200 resolution vs 1680x1050.
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    Hell, I'd get a 13" Macbook and a 24" display. Not Apple's display, though.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,217moderator
    Originally Posted by FuturePastNow View Post

    Hell, I'd get a 13" Macbook and a 24" display. Not Apple's display, though.

    That's true and he could get an SSD upgrade with 4GB Ram.

    If most of the serious graphics work is done at a desk where the display is, the Macbook is a good option. If there is a need to do graphics work using just the machine on it's own, I'd say the 1280x800 resolution of the Macbook is a bit low.
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    vandilvandil Posts: 187member
    Getting the 15" laptop with a second display might be better for you, since you can keep your Adobe CS palettes on one display and work on the image in the other. You can also keep your Instant messenger/Twitter etc. and iTunes remote with your palettes.
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    I would get the 17". Hi res display is all you need. I find docking with a daul screen to be confusing and not very ergonomic (looking from one spot on the desk to another frequently is literally a pain in the neck). Plus you'll need an external keyboard and you'll feel more inclined to sit at a desk facing a wall. Get the 17". Feel free to go anywhere. It's only half a pound heavier, for goodness sake - and assuming you sell it in 4-5 years somebody *will* want it.
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